Building a Critical Student Magazine on a Global Scale with your help

Critical Edges is an independently-run international student magazine. Our work is to create a critical public sphere for students worldwide by bringing students around the globe to produce knowledge on global issues. The magazine is also involved in training the next generation of writers, editors, publishers, knowledge producers, and community organizers. We are entirely operated by student volunteers. Your donations will help us sustain and improve our work. 

You can choose to donate to the following bank account, or donate through the website.

Donation account: Asociación Sociocultural Acampa Madrid
IBAN: ES6901827421570202619035
Bank: Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
Reference: Critical Edges
Note. Acampa Madrid is an NGO that works with immigrants and refugees. They are currently helping us receive donations.


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Thank you for your support and we will do our best with your donations!

Thank you for your support and we will do our best with your donations!

Thank you for your support and we will do our best with your donations!


The world today faces unprecedented challenges such as climate change, biodiversity collapse, uncertainty of future work, and ever-increasing inequality within and across countries. Poverty, racism, democracies under stress, and the resurgence of nationalism are other serious problems that have global implications for our generation and the future ones. We believe that students play an important role in influencing and redefining societies at local and global levels. 

We believe that sustainable solutions to global problems can be made possible only through active dialogue between actors from all over the world. Such a space and community for students do not yet exist on the global scale. That is why we value promoting the socio-political and journalistic exchange of ideas, creating highly diverse critical knowledge, and bringing cross-cultural perspectives to help construct new and highly needed forms of global dialogue and transnational exchange of ideas.

With your donations, we will be working on the following activities: 

  • Global/Multi-Campus Publication and Dialogue Projects 
    We aim to become the voice of critical students in universities of the Global South and Global North. We are already building cooperation projects at campuses in India, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, France and Morocco. Your support would help the local bodies of our magazine to organize local editorial branches, host debate/workshop/seminars, do research projects, and develop publications. 
  • Supporting Our Global Community of Volunteers
    Our members are all volunteers (including student writers, editors, publishers, illustrators, coordinators) and they make up the backbone of our quality work. The magazine depends on our highly motivated volunteers from the stage of ideation to the stage of dissemination of the knowledge. Your donation would support our global community of volunteers to work on editing and publishing, run student-driven thematic publications, capacity building workshops, and organization building activities.
  • Workshops and Capacity Building
    We constantly work with new student members who are interested in writing, editing, and journalistic work. We want to host educational and thematic workshops that can build our teams’ capacity in various areas such as editing, writing, web development, and social media content to create journalistic professionalism and high-standard articles. Your donations would help us in covering the planning and logistical costs of  such events. 
  • Annual Member Conference
    Critical Edges believes in the importance of exchanging knowledge, decolonizing the discourses by giving the critical students a global platform to learn, unlearn, and relearn. An annual conference (blended with online and offline) on critical issues can allow our members to meet, discuss, and engage with various contemporary issues and to develop long-term plans and strategies. Your donations will help us to realize it by contributing to the organizational and logistical support needed for the conference.

Our work and impact

In the past, we have worked on various global topics to bring students’ voices, knowledge, and experience together through our thematic Focus publications and annual publications. Our Focus topics include Climate Change, Crossing Borders, the COVID-19 Pandemic and Identity Politics, Power, and Resistance in the 21st Century. We have around 60,000 readers from 145 countries and the numbers are constantly increasing. Our contributors come from over 28 Universities across the globe. And we are active on multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

The world needs free, fair, and fresh voices in the midst of the multiple crises that are going on. Critical Edges has young and bright people working for it. Sustaining a platform of this quality needs you to support it. Wherever you live in the world, you can do it here.

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