Printed Editions

2019 Annual Edition

Available for download here.

This is our newest printed edition. It was prepared to be presented at the 5th Critical Edge Alliance conference at the New School in New York, USA.

The edition is made by a large group of writers and editors from different parts of the world. It contains the main topics we worked on in the past year including Transition Focus, Climate Change Focus, and Crossing Borders Focus.

Printed at Roskilde University

2019 Climate Change Booklet

Climate Change Edition

Available for download here.

With the rising global climate movements, and the escalating crisis, we decided to make our FOCUS on Climate Change into a special printed edition, so that students could get inspired, informed to participate and create the necessary climate movements around the world to change our societies into sustainable ones. This printed edition was the first one done with the help from a relatively large number of editors that our magazine had started to get, one of the first steps in the process of democratizing the creative process of our magazine.

Printed at Roskilde University

2018 Annual Edition

Our second printed edition.

Available for download here.

Our second annual edition was printed in Bogota, Colombia, for the 4th International Critical Edge Alliance conference, at Universidad de Los Andes.

In our second edition, we experimented with a smaller booklet format, compared to the earlier magazine format. The printed edition was prepared quickly by the few of our members who could afford the travel, or were sponsored by our home universities to go.

Printed at a local print shop in Bogota.

2017 Annual Edition

CEA ZINE, The name our magazine had at that time.

Available for download here.

Our first printed edition, printed in Mumbai, India, for the 3rd Critical Edge Alliance at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, was largely produced in the week prior to the conference, as well as during the conference, by the team members who where present at the conference. It also was most widely printed edition so far. It was distributed widely to the local students at the Institute, and received well by the conference attendees. At this time we mostly perceived ourselves as an extension of the Critical Edge Alliance, in short an independent student organ for university students mostly being part of these universities.

Printed at a local print shop in Mumbai.

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