Positions Available

We have various positions open for you to join and make the magazine with us!

Critical Edges is a collaborative magazine edited and published by critical students from all over the world. The magazine consists of four work teams: the Content Creation Team, Editing Team, Publishing & Social Media Team, and Community and Outreach Team. Each team has one to two coordinators, who form the Global Editorial Board and coordinate its overall operations.

We welcome new members to join the magazine and we have many different roles that are open on a regular basis. All the work is voluntary and unpaid.

How to get involved

Join our work teams

In the usual circumstance, we take in new members every January – February and September-October to grow our main work teams. Again, the work teams include: Content Creation Team, Editing Team, Publishing & Social Media Team, and Community and Outreach Team


We provide internship opportunities for Bachelor or Masters students who are seeking to fulfill their internship practice as a part of their studies. You will find many engaging and challenging projects for you to grow.

Co-produce content projects

A few times a year, we have open positions for the production of thematic Focus and various other content projects. You can join us as co-producers and contributors. From February 15 – May 31, 2021, we are running the Neoliberal University and Its Students. Email us if you are interested.

Other collaborations

If what we offer does not cover your interest, and you have some concreate ideas for us to work together. Just write to us and we could create something new with you.


Website editors @Publishing & Social Media Team

As the website editors, your main responsibility is to ensure that our content are organized, presented and published on the website in a professional, logical, and timely manner. You will e working pairs with other website editors. Preferably you have experience in web development (javascript), graphic design, and database management.

Assist in the creation of weekly publishing schedule;
Weekly WordPress publishing;
Web design and data management;
Regularly monitor the information structure on the website and adjust as new content emerges;
Conduct online traffic analysis and SEO improvements;
Work with social media members in content publishing;
Manage and update other online platforms.
Work Term and hours:
One Semester / 4-6 months
Minimum work hours: 5 hours per week
With break/holiday time & possibilities of extension

Social media editors @Publishing & Social Media Team

This team’s main goals are to bring audience quality and relevant content in an engaging and timely manner. Members will promote all the content produced through social media and by create social media focused content in collaboration with the Content Team.
You will help increase the level of audience engagement with our platforms. You will also find ways to use social media as a community project, where people within our community can use it to share their worlds.
We work with these social media platforms: WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and newsletter. We expect you to have educational or work experience in communication, social media marketing, graphic design, and multimedia editing. 

Work on social media content creation weekly and maintain active online presence;
Promote the web-based content on social media platforms, including graphic design and copywriting;
Participate in magazine-wide content creation projects: write, design, edit and distribute multi-media (text, graphic, audio, video) content on social media;
Create and implement communication strategies on multiple social media platforms to increase readership;
Monitor marketing analytics and adapt our content strategies;
Recruit people through social media, as well as reach out to them regularly.
Work Term and hours:
One Semester / 4-6 months
Minimum work hours: 5 hours per week
With break/holiday time & possibilities of extension

Text Editors @Editing Team  

We are looking for editors to help improve the content we receive. The Editing Team plays a fundamental part of our magazine: here we review, edit and approve the articles we receive. In the Editing Team you will get to work with the texts and articles of other people. You will work, learn and grow together in groups, while you help us improve the quality of our content before publication. We prefer you have experience in writing and editing.

Edit articles for publication;
Participate in collaborative editing;
Participate in editorial decisions making;
Support the development of editing formal guidelines and processes;
Participate in workshops on editorial skill development;
Support the social media team with editing;
Contribute in various content production projects.
Work Term and hours:
Volunteer contract: One Semester / 4-6 months. Organized in Work Groups or Individually.
Minimum work hours: 2-4 hours per week
With break/holiday time & possibilities of extension

Content producers @Content Creation Team 

Content Creation Team is a recently formed team that focuses on production of critical and relevant content. We aim to create a diverse body of textual and non-textual content from a broad base of contributors across various geographical locations.
Whether you are a writer, researcher, illustrator, graphic designer, or podcast creator, there is a place for you. We are looking for regular contributors to establish an in-house community.

General tasks:
Help develop new content categories, genres, and topics;
Take part in various projects, such as Focus, Voices or Spot-On, and help develop new ones;
Work on the content type you are interested in for our editorial topics;
Participate in meetings with the Content Creation Team;
Produce articles, social media content, podcasts, seminars, or other projects for the magazine.
Work Term and hours:
One Semester / 4-6 months
Minimum work hours: 5 hours per week
With break/holiday time & possibilities of extension

Interns (2-3)

We offer flexibility for interns to define the area of work and projects you are interested in doing. You can choose to work in one or more multiple work teams, join existing projects or initiate something new. An internship work plan will be made once you have talked with us to find out the specific tasks and goals.

Work Term and hours:
At least three months
Minimum work hours: negotiable
With possibilities of extension

Community & Outreach Coordinators

The full job description can be found here.

General expectations for skills you can bring

Able to use email for communication;
Able to use WhatsApp for communication;
Able to work with Google Drive / Google Documents;
Able to use Video Conference Tools (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, etc.);
Able to use online tools for project management and collaboration;
(For social media editors)Able to use social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn);
Able to work with others and achieve shared goals.

What CAN you GAIN?

You will work with peers to turn your critical ideas into reality that has positive impact to a wide range of audiences;
You will be inspired and challenged to in the process of open knowledge production;
You will be connected to a global student community which opens up opportunities for collaboration and learning about the other;
You will be supported and encouraged to take initiatives and work on what is meaningful to you;
You will meet people from different backgrounds and get to know different institutions around the globe;
You will gain leadership and facilitation experiences with an international team;
You can receive a volunteer certificate if needed.

We look forward to having you on board. Send your interested position, cover letter and CV to us via criticaledges@gmail.com. Application deadline is February 28th, 2020 if you want to start in the Spring.

updated 2/14/2021.