3rd Critical Edge Alliance International Conference on Higher Education

Date and Time: Sept. 19, 2017 10:00AM – Sept. 23, 2017 7:00PM

Conference Summary

The proposed conference to be organised by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences under the aegis of Critical Edge Alliance – an inter-disciplinary global hub on critical higher education, aims to focus on one of the key aspect of critical higher education – University-Society Partnerships. It is believed that Innovations and co-creation of knowledge on University-Society Partnerships can deepen democratisation of Higher Education. The conference aims at bringing together universities with strong foundations of University-Society partnerships to pool together various models of such partnerships in addressing societal and developmental challenges in a Globalized society. While bringing together key academics and academic administrators in higher education cutting across disciplinary boundaries, a platform is expected to be created for a creative dialogue on the central issues facing contemporary higher education. The student workshop organized as part of the conference will bring together project and process innovations in university society partnerships. Students’ perspectives and field knowledge will form a critical part of building knowledge on such partnerships and thereby deepen the democratization of Higher Education. Thus the conference is expected to generate knowledge on critical and innovative pedagogies in Higher Education through discussion of international initiatives and linking of people and institutions committed to such processes in Globalized society.

The sub-themes for the conference would be:

  • Democratizing Higher Education: Making Learning Available and Accessible to All
  • Co-Creativities: University-Society Partnerships and
  • Co-Learnings: Innovative and Critical Pedagogies

Student workshop aimed at capturing experiences and imaginations of students in articulating and theorising University – Society partnerships will be held as pre-conference sessions. The outcome of the pre-conference student workshop will be presented as one of the concluding keynotes at the conference.

Call For Papers

Abstract Format

3rd Critical Edge Alliance International Conference on Higher Education for the 21st Century: Innovations in University-Society Partnerships

To know more details on how to participate in our workshop and conference please visit:http://www.criticaledgealliance.com or write to ceatissconference2017@gmail.com

1 comment on “3rd Critical Edge Alliance International Conference on Higher Education

  1. I would like to go to this conference~~


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