Identity and Resistance

A Walk through Nørrebro, Part of the Danish Ghetto

Daphne Nietfield shows un around one of Copenhaguen's ghettos: Norrebro.

By Daphne Nietfeld
This is a story in the Mapping the Ghetto in Paradise series. 

The Superkilen park is designed by the arts group named Superflex, with the collaboration of a German architecture firm (Topotek1). The park opened in June 2012 with 112 installations from over 60 countries.

The name of the park, Kilen, transfers to Wedge in English, which refers to the shape of the park – a wedge in the Nørrebro neighbourhood. 

The Nørrebro area of Copenhagen is known to be the multi-cultural heart of the city. This diverse neighbourhood is home to three of Denmark’s “ghettos” – Lundtoftegade, Aldersrogade, and Mjølnerparken. 

The following is a collection of photos, meant to take readers on a virtual walk through the Nørrebro area, starting near Nørrebro station and making their way through Superkilen park. 

Shopping street adjacent to Nørrebro metro station. 

Place: Red Square, used for market, culture and sport 

Place: Black Market 

The white lines on the black background are inspired on the movie Dogville 

The lines represent the interactions of the local residents and their identities in a public space 

There is no hope without freedom.

English Translation: We love Nørrebro.

About the Author

Daphne Nietfeld is an International Relations and Political Sciences student at Erasmus University College. For this semester, she is studying Communication Studies at Roskilde University.

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