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Global Students’ Survey-COVID19

Please help us fill out the survey to map out the global landscape of how students are dealing with and perceiving the pandemic.

By Jaganth G

The COVID19 pandemic has created an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and helplessness amongst people all over the world. It has affected various parts of the world at different scales. The governments of many countries are trying to deal with the pandemic in all possible manners in their own ways. At the same time people around the world are trying to create a feeling of solidarity to overcome these difficult and dark times.

At Critical Edges, we want to understand the impact of COVID19 on students globally and get to know their views on issues related to the pandemic. We have created a survey for this purpose. The questions in the survey are based on the following themes.

  • Basic information of the respondent
  • Students’ responses to the spread of COVID19
  • Students’ views on their government and society
  • Students’ engagements during their quarantine days at home 

Our research team will analyze and interpret the data collected. The findings will then be published on our website in an article.

This survey is a part of CERI (Critical Edges Research Initiative). If you would like to join our research team, please drop us a mail. We would love to hear from you!

We look forward to hearing from you and understanding the various measures taken in different parts of the world.

Data Privacy: All the information collected through the survey will be strictly used only for research purposes and complete confidentiality of the respondents will be practiced.

Illustration by Canva free images, edited by Thea Pan.

About the author

Jaganth G is from India. He studies and works as a research scholar at Tata Institute of Social Science. He also works as an editor and serves in the Advisory Board. He initiated the Critical Edges Research Initiative (CERI) project and plans to conduct more research projects among global students community in the future. His goal is to help build up a universal student network where everyone can learn and share knowledge without biases.

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  2. Anand Kumar majhi

    I am thinking of how poor people tackling and economy of India during coronavirus pandemic situation

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