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110 Years of International Working Women’s Day

A special booklet published to commemorate the 8th of March, The International Working Women's Day of Struggle. Made by the Indian student organization Progressive Students' Forum.

By The Progressive Students’ Forum at Tata Institute of Social Sciences

March 8, 2020 marked the 110th International Working Women’s Day. With its roots in the socialist feminist movement of struggle against capitalist exploitation and patriarchal oppression, this day makes for a good opportunity to revisit and reassert the recognition of the fight against the perpetuation of regressive and unscientific attitudes with regard to gender that impede the progress of society.

The Progressive Students’ Forum – TISS (India) has documented the journey of the Working Women’s Day to commemorate the occasion. It includes:

  • The Century Long Story and Politics of International Working Women’s Day
  • Statements from Women Student Leaders from Universities across India
  • Looking back at Women who laid the foundations for the working women’s movement and those who took it forward
  • Rare collection of Pictures and Posters of Women’s Struggle which are of Contemporary and Historical Significance.

Download the booklet

Alternative Download Link.

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About the Author

The Progressive Students’ Forum is a students’ initiative in Tata Institute of Social Sciences to build a democratic, secular space and a culture of rational, inclusive thinking that contributes to various struggles.

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