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Seeking for A Community and Outreach Coordinator to Join the Global Editorial Board

New positions available

Position: Community and Outreach Coordinator
Start date: As soon as possible
To apply: send (cover letter + CV) to

Note: All the positions the magazine are voluntary and unpaid.

Critical Edges is a collaborative magazine edited and published by critical students from all over the world. Students from different universities encountered each other during conferences and collaborations in the Critical Edge Alliance in 2016 and 2017. We created the magazine and continue developing it to offer diverse perspectives, stories, analysis, and artistic expressions on global topics and issues that affect all of us. The students working in the magazine are creating ideas and action to fight existing injustice and oppression, through co-creating knowledge and distributing relevant, critical, and popular content for students located in different campuses all around the world. We aim to become a leading global voice for critical students by collaborating with editors, writers, scholars, artists, and activists across different universities and disciplines to build a critical magazine.  

Our main operation and coordination organ is the Global Editorial Board, and we are expanding the Board to improve our capacity to create original and relevant content to a wider student audience.

We are looking for energetic, skilled, informed and creative members to join our magazine as a coordinator for content creation. You will be part of the Global Editorial Board, and shoulder the responsibility to engage a wide range of students from different part of the world through collaboration, outreach, or integrating them within the magazine.

Please refer to this page and find the description of our governance structure.

We expect that you have some experience in:

  • Doing outreach and campaigns on social media and in different network /communities
  • Fostering a wide and active global community centered around a cause
  • Organizing a collective or self organized group, eg. in political activism, student politics, etc. 

We expect that you are/can:

  • Work closely with a diverse of groups of people from around the world who have different interests, expertise, and worldviews
  • Have experience in planned communication on a global level
  • Plan timely and communicating frequently with team members in terms of team goals and progress
  • Have an overview and being able to guide your team
  • Plan and implement strategies for engagement on social media
  • Facilitate various members to integrate and achieve good outcomes in an organization
  • Be able to deliver constructive critique as well as receive critique from your peers


  • Participate in the meetings and coordination in the Global Editorial Board, including coordination with the Editing Team, Publishing & Social Media Teams, and Content Creation Team
  • Set up a team / network of outreach members

Towards external & new members

  • Plan and conduct strategic outreach targeting broadly towards new audiences, potential writers, and members
  • Build connections and outreach program with key students and networks to promote and engage students in different universities around the world (reach people through people)
  • To make plans with Social Media members to promote the magazine in the identified universities, the goal is to contact (2-4) new universities each month and explore the possibility of expansion
  • Assist in building partnership with other magazines/institutions
  • Recruit new members to fill vacant positions in various teams and be responsible for all the communication with new members, until they are fully integrated into a team
  • Work on the onboarding for new members in all the teams, including providing proper introduction, tutorials, and manuals to new members and help them become familiar with the work process
  • Make sure they that new members feel comfortable to talk about any problem they might encounter after joining the magazine or any of the teams, and be available to guide the new members in case they want to shift to another team

Towards members at Critical Edges

  • Develop tools and methodologies to support different teams in finding out all members’ availability for each semester
  • Build a database of all members’ status, skills, characteristics, capabilities,interests, and contact, etc.
  • Work closely with all the coordinators who need help in relation to their team members
  • Assist other leaders/coordinators to manage the time and skills of their members
  • Provide opportunities and scenarios for people to learn in their positions
  • Improve engagement of members when there are members who are becoming inactive

We hope that you have these digital skills and access:

  • Able to use Email for communication
  • Able to use WhatsApp for communication
  • Able to work with Google Drive / Google Documents
  • Able to use Video Conference Tools (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, etc.)
  • Able to use online tools for project management and collaboration

What is in it for you?

  • You will gain a platform where you can turn your critical ideas into reality that has positive impact to a wide range of audiences
  • You will be inspired and challenged to in the process of open knowledge production  
  • You will be connected to a global student community which opens up opportunities for collaboration and learning from each other
  • You will be supported and encouraged to take initiatives and work on what is meaningful to you 
  • You will gain leadership and facilitation experiences with an international team
  • You will help us change the world, engage and inspire many young people

Work Term and hours:

  • One Semester / 6 months 
  • Minimum work hours: 5-10 hours per week
  • With break/holiday time
  • With possibilities of extension 

Note. We might search for an assistant coordinator in the future depending on the volume of tasks and needs of the team.

Apply to join the Community & Outreach Team

If you are interested in the work listed above, but find that the coordination role is too much to take on for you. You could alternatively join our team and start working on a smaller workload. Please send us your CV and cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

Updated on February 16th, 2021.

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