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Silhouettes of China

Glimpses of China through series of silhouettes.

By Xiong Liqi

It is not so appropriate to name this series as the Silhouettes of China, since it seems not so typically Chinese. But what is China? It is exceedingly all-embracing that whatever your expectations or conjectures might be, you may find them here. To me, China remains mysteries, full of wonders, and mightily supportive.

2017, Beijing Normal University. At late night, a young man was roller-skating in the campus, like a bird.

2017, Beijing Normal University.

2017, Beijing, Summer Place. Three men stood in front of Chinese traditional paintings on sell.

This girl is one of my friends. We were hanging out in a museum.

2017, Tsinghua University. I saw myself through the overlapping glasses.

2017, Beijing Station. Two brothers just arrived Beijing, the capital of China, dancing in thrill.

2018, Beijing, a winter night in heavy haze, a chef at rest was drawing a smile face on the foggy glass door.

2017, Beijing. A senior university student was giving a lecture on how to give a lecture.

Summer, 2017, my hometown Quzhou. I squatted to catch this working scene.

Spring, 2018, my home, myself.

Summer, 2017, Qingdao. A sitting man was playing his phone on the top of high rocks at the seashore.

Summer, 2017, Qingdao. After a few minutes, I came to realize they were clearing rubbish instead of fishing.

Fall, 2017, Beijing Normal University. A man was walking by a statue of Confucius.

Winter, 2017, Beijing.

About the author

Xiong Liqi (熊丽琪): From China, is currently studying at at Beijing Normal University. Her major is English, and minor in sociology. She is a romantic optimist with equal sensitivity and rationality, a “hybrid” of tyrant and a innocent-sweetheart, a non-proficient yet imaginative painter, a photographer, and part-time journalist.

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