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Collaboration with a Chinese Student Magazine: Jingshi Xueren 京师学人

Learn about the story of a student-driven magazine from Beijing Normal University.

We are delightful to announce a new collaboration between Critical Edges and Jingshi Xueren 京师学人 (JSXR)! It is an exciting step forward to achieve our goal of creating a global community of critical students and facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise. Our collaboration will allow us to provide more insightful articles, especially on important and pertinent topics in China.

Below is an introduction to our collaborator JSXR. We encourage you to visit their website and read more articles in which students critically discuss and reflect on various issues.

Photo from Jingshi Xueren: Library building on Beijing Normal University campus.

Jingshi Xueren was created as a student-driven publication by student journalists at Beijing Normal University (BNU) in 2006. Jingshi (京师) refers to the spirits and ideas of university students, who study the depth of history and think critically society. Xueren (学人) implies the attitude and approach of the magazine, which is contemplative, thoughtful, attentive to common people and their stories. Accordingly, JSXR focuses on creating high-quality non-fictional writings with its values of “Free, Insightful, Open, and Engaging”. Since the beginning, it has advocated a care for humanities and strong attention towards societies. It covers both debated news and often-neglected issues in mainstream media.

Photo from Jingshi Xueren: Li Kexin, journalist and Vice-Chairwoman speaking during a new member meeting.
Photo from Jingshi Xueren: Students who volunteer in teaching in rural areas.

JSXR had only been published as a supplementary section of the campus newspaper until 2009. From 2009 to 2012, It developed its own publication, and since 2012, JSXR operates as a periodic magazine that publishes every 2 months. Until now, JSXR has published 32 issues, all well received. In 2013, it launched a new media channel on Wechat (China’s major social media platform) with an emphasis on timeliness and journalistic reporting of breaking news and hot topics.

Photo from Jingshi Xueren: The school motto monument of BNU: learn to be a excellent educator, behave as a exemplary person.

JSXR aims to grow its writers’ base and engage in inter-campus collaborations as well as international collaborations. In this regard, It created an International Department in 2018 to provide articles and content with diverse perspectives. As of February 2019, It has published over 450 original articles written by students and has gained over 16,000 subscribed readers.

Note. Beijing Normal University is a world-class university located in Haidian District, Beijing. Founded in 1902, the university has a history of 117 years. Today, the university’s many disciplines such as education, psychology, literature, history, etc. are among the highest quality in China.  

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