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[Ended] Looking for you: international climate movement

Be part of an international climate movement.

Dear community,
We are happy to share Asger’s initiative. He is appealing to all students for an international climate movement. Please read his message below and get in touch with us! Click here to be part of this coming movement.

Dear students from all countries,

We shall gather to fight for the climate. Not separately, but together. We need global unity. On 15 March, one of the #FridaysForFuture, we will take a step towards such unity. And I hope you will join us. We will host an event where students can create ties across continents, discuss climate issues and gain new perspectives. For this to work out, we need students from all over the world to partake. Together we can lay the ground for international solidarity. I believe this is much needed.

Students around the world seem to finally be waking up. The climate movement is accelerating. From a Swedish pupil skipping school to mass demonstrations in Australia. From a speech in Poland to a multitude of Fridays For Future. One might say: It was about time we took climate changes seriously.

But we have not fully awaken yet. As much as recent events have attested the vehemence and resolution of today’s youth, they have also proved that one important aspect is still missing, the potence of which we have felt recently: the power of globalness. Ideas have spread across the world; still no truly international organisation has emerged.

And we are not just divided by geography; also political views have created chasms between folks who should collaborate. When climate activists speak, we often employ the phraseology of revolution. The most common messages from the IPCC are “now” and “more”. This has drawn thick lines between two fronts: those willing to do more and those reluctant to do so.

If we are to make ourselves matter, we cannot stand divided, as fragments, each fighting for what they find most important. The climate crisis is so global, so all-pervading, that only international solutions will suffice. Therefore we must build mutual understanding across the world, a solidarity that both reaches out to and reaches beyond the grievances of each.

Thus our goal on 15 March shall not only be to attract attention; our message shall not be a unanimous requisition of more political effort. Rather we shall help shape this effort, create the convergence we so direly need. We shall discuss in terms of solutions and visions. We need to address the differences that stand in the way of unity.

I hope you will join. Without you there is nothing. Together we can make it a day not of uproar, but of labour. Not of shouting, but of learning. Not of anger, but of hope.

Warm wishes (for a colder planet),

Asger Trier Kjær

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are interested in this work, please fill out the form and we will be creating this international movement together!


Asger is living in Copenhagen where he is studying for a BSc in political science. He is taken up mostly by the issues of how we create truth; especially by the role academic thinking plays in this process.

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