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Collaboration with a German Student Magazine: ES-Spiegel

In 2018, our magazine built our first collaboration with a Germany-based student-driven magazine: ES-Spiegel. It is an exciting step forward! Our collaboration means that we will be able to bring more insightful articles, especially on important and pertinent European topics, to you. Meanwhile, we will select relevant articles to be published on ES-Spiegel‘s website. This also brings us closer to our goals of creating a global community of critical students and facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences.
Below is an introduction of our collaborator. We encourage you to visit their website and read more articles in which students critically discuss and reflect on various issues in Europe.

ES-Spiegel is a journal of the European Studies degree program at the University of Chemnitz, Germany. Students from that program independently run this journal magazine..  It offers students a platform to exchange ideas about political, cultural and social issues and helps them formulate, realize their own conceptions, opinions, and arguments.

The editorial team collects subject-specific and scientific articles to publish them twice a year in printed editions. Since the winter of 2018, the magazine also runs a blog at  .

In terms of content and scope, the magazine is flexible and offers a wide variety of topics in four different columns – Study Europe, Teach Europe, Critical Thinking and Correspondence. They introduce ideas and approaches by students and professors, often characterized by articles from different organizations and institutions.

The different highlights of ES-Spiegel include showing a student’s perspective on current issues and compare those perspectives with a teacher’s point of view; drawing on the specific knowledge of teachers and visiting lecturers from around the world to build a scientific knowledge base, and encouraging readers to reflect critically. They aim to highlight relevant European issues next to the university education and content on Europe.

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