Research Initiative – Reading Habit of Global Students

Dear Readers,

To build a vibrant global student community to get connected and work for a common objective, it becomes essential to understand one another better. In order to achieve it, Critical Edges community has designed a research initiative project that will help us to improve our understanding about the global students in a better way.

We are Happy to announce Critical Edges Research Initiative that will conduct research among global student community to help us understand each other in a better way.  

As part of this initiative, we are planning to explore the “Reading Habit of the Global Students Community”

Friends, please do come forward and take part in the global research initiative and share your views to us.

Thank you in advance for participating in our research.

Critical Edges’ Editorial Board.


3 comments on “Research Initiative – Reading Habit of Global Students

  1. Amit Kumar

    – We can explore possibilities of higher studies and scholarships related articles
    – Current issues of student protest and movement across the world
    – Major current global issues related with politics, environment, rufguee crisis, economics etc.

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