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I Believe

I believe in responsibility and mostly integrity Values that have been lost in the capitalist insanity I believe in the need to destroy humanist hypocrisy

By Majdouline El hichou

I believe in the power of solidarity
More than one of a specific deity
I believe in the power of the people
Being the majority in the world as a whole
I believe in the power of diversity
Where all of us can defend our identity

I believe in humility and tolerance
Not in chasing a fake virtual audience
I believe in the necessity of resistance
In a world fed by materialistic romance
Where the king of everything is finance
And what we preach most is technological advance

I believe in the strength of indigenous peoples
Who are not scared to be judged primitive or backwards
Those who stick to their love for the Pachamama
And are ready to defend it from the bottom of their alma
Those who teach us how to survive amidst chaos
Defending the earth with force not by fear or pathos

I believe in people’s goodwill and humanity
Although sometimes it only feels like a fantasy
How come we conquered all this impunity, and
Who exactly has to obey a human rights treaty?
Promoted by those who have control of society
Not to defend rights but to preserve their supremacy

I believe in everyone’s equity, dignity and justice
No matter what their social or cultural background is
I believe in a world where we see ourselves in the other
Not where we exploit our brother to climb up the latter
A world where all peoples have their space and value
Where no one is limited by discrimination, fear or taboo

I believe in the power of idealists and utopians
Because isn’t hope the only thing we have in abundance?
In a world drowning in wars, prejudice and injustice
Those provoking and maintaining it are being restless
While they are making a misery out of our existence
All we have are our ideals, reaching that high solstice

I believe in responsibility and mostly integrity
Values that have been lost in the capitalist insanity
I believe in the need to destroy humanist hypocrisy
Look in the mirror and ask: am I really who I claim to be?
Am I really doing anything to change this reality?
Or Am I just a slave of all the eyes looking at me?

I believe in the power of grassroots movements
Those that challenge manipulative governments
That impact changes even though on a small scale
Based on marginalized history or an indigenous tale
Inclusive of elders, children, women and students
Engaged as a whole for their communities’ improvements

I believe in the great power of the universe
Although for some, its resources proved to be a curse
I believe in the wealth of the earth,
But not the exploitation and destruction that it’s worth
She has been safeguarding us for a million years
And we still managed to proudly destroy its nucleus

I believe in the power of consciousness,
Which needs to be spread faster than wireless
I believe in our brain’s power to analyze
And if there is a need to: willfully criticize
Because that’s what maintains faithfulness
In intelligently fighting against all this excess

I believe in the power of solidarity
Of those that share these same beliefs,
That are busy shaping a better reality
In all world parts creating new motifs
Alternatively challenging this immorality
Recognizing who are the real thieves
And refusing to be victims in jeopardy
With no need for a commander in chief
As horizontal organization is key
And collective thought is the only decree.

Cover illustration: Solidarity mural, Hands in Solidarity, Hands of Freedom mural on the side of the United Electrical Workers trade union building on West Monroe Street at Ashland Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Artist Dan Manrique Arias painted this mural in 1997 on the south wall of the United Electrical Workers Union. Photo from Atelier Teee’s photostream at Flickr.

About the Author


Majdouline El hichou is 22 years old and comes from Morocco.
“I have lived in South Africa, Morocco and Mexico and performed field research and social work in all 3. I just recently obtained by Bachelor’s Degree from Al Akhawayn University (Ifrane, Morocco) in International development and African studies and will be starting a master’s degree in September 2018 in SOAS London, in Social Anthropology of Development.” Her email address:

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