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FOCUS | Call for Submission on Transition

We are calling for submission to our FOCUS: Transition! “The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus We asContinue Reading

We are calling for submission to our FOCUS: Transition!

“The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus

We as individuals share a symbiotic relationship with our societies. On personal levels, we could face complex or unexpected shifts, experience confusion or excitement. In the process, we can reflect, learn, innovate, gain new insights, and grow.

We must recognize that our personal transitions don’t stand alone in our times. The changes that happen to us accumulate to become large-scale social changes of our times in local and world communities. We are all part of the shared paths and we need patience, empathy and will to find ways forward and live up to our faiths.

We invite you to contemplate on the personal and social changes you’ve experienced and witnessed. Share your experiences and stories with us.

Haven’t decided what to write? You can consider the following prompts. Or feel free to surprise us!

Prompt 1: Transitions in education

We, students, find ourselves in transitions frequently: be it from high school to university, shifting learning passions, studying abroad, or leaving school to enter work life. Amidst these, we learn about ourselves, about knowledge, and the greater realities around us. What important transitions in schools did you go through? How do you think transitions in education prepare young students for society? How should one be prepared to learn and grow in new environments?

Prompt 2: World in transition

Political transitions are ever evolving in this globalized era. For example, we now stand in an interesting phase between protectionism and the celebration of diversity. What political transitions are taking/took place in your countries? What are the causes and implications of those transitions? And what role can our generation place in the process?

Prompt 3: Move in, move away, move.

Today migration has become an evident part of people’s life domestically and globally. Moving away from the familiar to the unknown can be a radical change to one’s own life and the local community. What are the realities and consequences of the different kinds of migration today? What led you to move to another culture/country? What was your experience like? How do you think local culture adjust/evolve under the accelerated global migration?

Send us your work

    • Via. e-mail to ce.submission@gmail.com
  • Use “month submission + title + name” as the subject in the email

We will curate the Transition FOCUS from August 15th to November 15, 2018.

Respectfully, Critical Edges Editorial Board

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  1. MaryWritesWorlds

    I’m working on it! 🙂 ❤


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