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FOCUS | Call for Submission On Beliefs

We want to learn about what you believe in and why that is important to you.

We want to learn about what you believe in and why that is important to you.

Our beliefs capture the essence of who we are.

“Man is what he believes in”, Checov said. Ghandi reflected “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.”

Believe in yourself, your future. Believe in animals, flowers, the earth. Believe spiritually. Believe in world peace and justice. Believe in humanity, technology. Believe in progress or just the same old.

All kinds of beliefs weave into our everyday lives, defining our actions and words, creating our realities. What do you believe? Why do you believe? And how have your beliefs changed yourself, and your surroundings?

Write to us and share the importance, uniqueness, complexities, humor, and depths of your beliefs, and tell us why?

If it is difficult for you to decide what to write, you can consider the following prompts. You are welcome to write about them, and feel free to surprise us!


Believe in religion/believe in spirituality.

  • Have you ever wondered why we fall in love at first sight. Is there unseen power from the unknown realm? Believing in a certain religion or spirituality can positively influence one’s own life. What do you believe in and why? Or do you find it irrational to a believe in a higher power?

Believe in digitization and technology.

  • Our everyday lives are influenced by digitization and technological advancements. Examples can be seen in how people mobilize so easily now with advancing transformations, and how we acquire knowledge or maintain social contact so instantly with the help of internet, despite far distances.
    Do you support and believe in digitalization and technology? What do you consider positive, and what negative issues could however occur?

Believe in humanity and peace-making processes.

  • As global citizen each individual is responsible to create and maintain common values. Ever since the UN was created, numerous humanitarian NGOs and institutions worldwide have been working together to deal with issues in world politics to make each nation peaceful and humanitarian.
    Do you believe that NGOs across the globe create positive effects? And how could we obtain long-term shared values to support one another globally?

How to submit?

Visit our submission guideline here!

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