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Submissions Guideline

Thank you for your interests in contributing to us.

We produce, edit, and publish digital content that provides critical narratives, analysis; builds on well-grounded arguments and facts; reflects the lived experiences of students from different contexts. Critical Edges’ perspectives are international, meaning that the range of topics has a global scope, and the intended audience is in particular, but not limiting to, the student community across the globe. You can find our topics relating to key currents in education and global phenomenon that influence students and the wider societies.

Every quarter we produce a thematic Focus. Additionally our content fall into four categories: Education, Culture, Politics, and Society. In 2021, we are re-organizing our categories you can expect an update from us.

We aim to create open spaces for fresh, reflective, and underrepresented critical voices from students, reflecting different worldviews and traditions of knowledges. We do not aim to publish technical, jargon ridden, and unoriginal work that reproduces dominant discourses.

You can submit with a wide range of genres including: articles, opinions, essays, analysis, journalistic work, book/movie reviews, stories, poetry, artworks, photography, illustrations, podcasts, and etc. So you can choose the best format to materialize your ideas.

Before you start writing

We encourage you to pitch your ideas before finishing your work. Your pitch will be reviewed by our group of international editors, who will evaluate, provide feedback, and develop ideas with you in the writing process.

Download our pitch form and send it to You will be informed of the next steps.

Sending your work

When you work on your draft, please make sure you include the following necessary elements in your submission:

  • A clear and attractive title
  • A short summary/abstract
  • Keywords / hashtags
  • A short introduction of yourself
  • A photography of yourself (unless you don’t want to share your photo)
  • If you have media files, please use the high resolution versions and clearly note the copyright. For free copyright images, please make use of these websites: Pixabay, Unsplash, Picryl, Wikimedia Commons, and Flikcr.  

References should adopt the Chicago reference style. You may also see an example article here and use the zotero bibliography generator.

We prefer you to use these formats: MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Open Document (.odt) format. Google Docs is also acceptable. Prefered font and size is Times New Roman 11pt.

If you include pictures, they should be sent to us as separate files to maintain high quality. Don’t just insert photos in a document. Please specify the author/copyright of the image to avoid infringement issues.

Once you have finished your first draft, or if you already have a finished work, submit your work to us via ce.submission(at) Please note that if you cannot follow our submission guidelines we will not process your work until the necessary elements are provided. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email to ce.submissions(at), or a message on social media!

Updated on 11.2.2021

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