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Critical Edges Submission Guideline


Essays: Essays can be personal, academic or reflective and should relate to one of the topics; university experience, student engagement or reflections on society. Different types of essays can contribute to these topics and can be multi-layered.

Creative Pieces: Creative pieces can include poetry, prose, artwork, music, video, and others. We prefer to see things that in some way express the cultures and communities of our respective schools.


All of the submissions should be limited to around 1200 words. Students interested in submitting longer work should try to condense their writings to a version not exceeding this length, and we will try to provide a link to the full work for interested readers.


University Experience: Write about your learning experience in your home institution, with a focus on connecting schools unique institutional structures and practices with your own education development. You can respond to questions like “How has my education and experience in college shaped who I am?”

Student Engagement: You can write about projects you have or you are involved with that have had significant impact on you and your communities. This could include academic projects, community engagement, internships, or other kind of engagements. You should be able to explain why you chose to work on that specific project, the process, and the impact they created.

Reflections on Society: There has always been a great deal of turmoil in societies across the world, but in our current age are awareness is elevated and there is an even greater interconnectedness in developments across the globe. You are encouraged to write reflections on some societal issues whether it be an issue faced by your local community, politics in your own country or even developments abroad.

NOTE: Media submissions should be around 3 – 5 minutes and no longer than 10. Images should have a good quality (e.g. 300 pixels).


Make sure you provide a title for your work. MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Open Document (.odt) format. PDF and Google Docs are also acceptable. Prefered font and size is Times New Roman 11pt.

If you include pictures, they must be delivered in the text and in separate files (JPG, png) to maintain high quality. Specify the author or owner of the image to avoid infringement.

Information about the Author: Please provide your personal information, including: name, nationality, personal background, and realms of study. If you would like to provide a picture of you, that would be the best, but we understand if you prefer not to 🙂

  1. Via. e-mail to
  2. Use “month submission + title + name” as the subject in the email


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