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#1 Issue: Introducing the Edge At Your University

Hello dear friends, whether or not we have met!

Well, that time has come, can’t procrastinate any further, so here it is – the first issue of the CEAZine! We’re thrilled to be able to share such a broad spectrum of thoughts and have been surprised and delighted at the contributions we’ve received: ranging from essays on university experience, students’ project reflection, cultural exchange, personal journey and struggles in college, to photography, art, and poetry.

In our first issue our theme is ‘Introducing the Edge At Your University’. Even within a single school we have some pretty different articles that allow us to see our schools from different angles. In this first issue we’re able to collectively gather input from The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Roskilde University, The Evergreen State College, Xing Wei College, and Universidad de los Andes. It is a good start and we will reach out to our other member schools to provide a yet broader perspective.

We hope you enjoy reading the contents provide by our fellow students and faculty from different cultural backgrounds. It is a great opportunity for us to learn from one another’s unique and fascinating stories, ideas, and expressions. Some of the articles pose critical questions for us to think about our education and the purpose of education. Others tell inspiring stories about how students creatively and actively engage in their own lives and problems in their communities.

We encourage you to leave your thoughts and comments while reading the articles and share with your friends the articles that intrigue or inspire you. Let us all start talking and connecting to each other!


To People who worked on this

  • Adrian Ortega Camara Lind
  • Ka Trine
  • Lisa Trebs
  • Phelan Okeson
  • Roderick Wijunamai
  • Thea Pan
  • Vishakha Khetrapal

To Our Contributors

  • Adrian Ortega Camara Lind- Roskilde University
  • Amrita Saikia – Tata Institute of Social Science
  • Andy Lai – The Evergreen State College
  • Andy Xiang, Bella Zha, Cain Ding, Eriol Yin, King Jin, Kimi Mao, Lousie Lao, Simly Shi, Thea Pan, Wendy Wang – Xing Wei College
  • Angela Maria Aristizabal Borrero – Universidad de los Andes
  • Deepak Kumar Pandit – Tata Institute of Social Science
  • Doug Schuler – The Evergreen State College
  • Elizabeth Angell –  The Evergreen State College
  • Emma Von Skov (original artworks)
  • Federico Jensen – Roskilde University
  • Harrison Goldsmith –  The Evergreen State College
  • Kevin Shakir – Roskilde University
  • Keah Thomas – The Evergreen State College
  • Lisa Trebs – Roskilde University
  • Linnan (Rooney) Zhuang – McMaster University
  • Mikkel Toldam – Roskilde University
  • Mariachiara Faraon – Roskilde University
  • Nasima Khatun – Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • Sarah Reinfurth – Roskilde University
  • Rebecca Canright – The Evergreen State College

To People who have generously provided support

  • Andrea Vanden Bossche
  • Allan Nyaribo
  • Cain Ding
  • David McAvity
  • Douglas Schuler
  • Ira Zuckerman
  • Phoebe Chung
  • Ryan Allen Valencia
  • Reed Wing
  • Simly Shi
  • Siddesh Sarma


Lisa Trebs
Phelan Okeson
Thea Pan

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