Critical Edges is a student driven online magazine that stems from The Critical Edge Alliance. We are a platform that allows critical thinkers and doers across the globe to share ideas, initiate discussions, and inspire one another through sharing meaningful content. We aim at building an international community where critical thinkers can unite, grow, and create together.   

Below are the values that we stand for, and the goals that we aim to achieve.

Allow Diversity to Dialogue
I) To create a universal platform for critical thinkers and doers from diverse backgrounds to share ideas, practices and experiences, and thus enter meaningful cross-cultural dialogues.

Critique and Action to Re-shape Education
II) To critically examine the educational systems and practices across the globe thereby re-imagine and recreate work towards a purposeful, global, and equitable education for the 21 century.

Emerging Community for A Better Future
III) To build a vibrant global community where students worldwide connect, inspire, empower, and engage with one another on urgent local and global issues and projects to co-create a future that is good for all.

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