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By Deepak Kumar Pandit

By Deepak Kumar Pandit

Life is a journey goes on!!
Thyself has to live happily,
Or sorrowfully in it, thyself
Enjoy or suffer, it goes on
Like a road, straight sometimes,
With curves, with potholes sometimes!

Life is a journey, goes on!!
As roads take thyself to destination,
Life’s destination thyself find early or later, it’s the path thyself chosen!
Thee need to start now or later,
Thyself need to put first step at least!

Life is a journey, goes on!!
Birthdays comes and goes as a
Stop which remind thyself reaching
Journey soon, do great work again like
Never before, thee enjoy celebration like Filling fuel, thyself master of thee!

Life is a journey, goes on!!
Like a road keep moving until reaches destination, sometimes it stops to rest.
Same ways thyself kept moving journey of life, childhood, youth, oldness till last breathe, as it’s nature’s wish!

Life is a journey, goes on!!
Thyself get succeed feel happy,
Thyself get failure, thee feel pain,
Even suicide comes as an alternative,
Thyself keep crabbing money, property, bank balances and list goes on!

Life is a journey, goes on!!
Like time ticks on a watch,
Cars move on speedily, trucks slowly,
Poor die easily, rich die insanely, drinks, drugs, pride, egos kept thyself busy!
Roads filled with serendipity;

Life is a journey, goes on!!
Keep moving with moments,
Work peacefully, have compassion,
Believe in nature’s Dharma, as
Wind blows, sun rise’s, set’s down,
No irksomely, only kindness!

Life is a journey, goes on!!


About the Author

I am Deepak Kumar, an M Phil research scholar in Development Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. I will be part of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur (IIM-U) and Duke SANFORD School of Public policy USA’s summer School for future leader in Development. I was part of International Summer School (ISS) New Delhi in 2015 batch. I represented India in this summer school where 20 nation’s students were part of it. I have presented 9 seminar papers so far in different parts of India in different Central government universities, Institutions etc. My research area is Public Policy, Public Service delivery, Governance, Water and Sanitation issues, International Relation, Development issues and social Welfare.


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